Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ironclad paints used

  • P3 Cygnar Blue Base
  • P3 Cygnar Blue Highlight
  • Reaper MSP Sky Blue
  • Reaper Pure White

Mixed to taste as I varied from shadow to highlight.
  • VGC Brassy Brass
  • VGC Glorious Gold
  • Sepia ink wash (Les Bursley's recipe)

  • GW Chainmail
  • Ink washes (again, Bursley's recipe), using a succession of black, brown, purple and a suicide mix of all of them

  • Reaper MSP Brown Liner

And a touch of Reaper MSP Blood Red and then Blood Red/Palomino Gold for the heartfire in the eyes.

First post, and a few WIP Ironclad pics

So this blog is where I will keep track of my gaming miniature painting efforts. As usual, my OCD is kicking in, much to Shelley's chagrin, but also much to my increased satisfaction with the activity. It pays to be detail-oriented!

As a kickoff, here's a link to my Cool Mini or Not? gallery, and below are several pics of my fourth mini ever: a Privateer Press Ironclad.

Initial blue basecoating:

After basecoating is finished, with a few highlights and shading added:

And the current stage of affairs, with more details picked out, shading and highlighting:

Next is base work, fixing those damn black shoulder pauldrons, and finishing/smoothing the blends. Getting close!