Monday, April 25, 2011

Viktor Pendrake, Scholar Adventurer

This is one I did last summer for a pal o' mine who teaches at Cal Poly. He's a mega-nerd like me, and even more so when it comes to comics. In fact, we're going to the San Diego Comic Con this year. 

Anyhoo, I wanted something that looked like a scholar conquering ignorance (here represented by the troll head) with an array of awesome literature at hand. "Awesome literature" here means:
  • A big leather tome version of Lord of the Rings (in back)
  • A collection of Thor comics (the green book with a hammer on the front cover)
  • A fusty old MLA Handbook (red book)
  • An illuminated abecedary of comic heroes, open to "B is for Batman" (thus the symbol on the facing page)
These pics were taken with an Iphone, so they ain't great. That said, the fig was close to finished, so I wanted to snap some photos. Enjoy.

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