Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ultramarines Tactical Squad - WIP

Been working on these guys for a while, trying to get a system together that allows me to paint troops quickly enough to actually learn to play a game before it goes out of print. Thankfully now that GW has just released Warhammer 40k 6th Edition, I do have a little breathing room. A little.

Anyway, these are as much tests of a lens I'm using on my iPhone (the Olloclip's macro lens) as they are updates on the state of my models. I actually do have the entire 10-man squad basecoated, layered, highlighted etc., and am now about to start working on details: gold, metal, eyes, and then some battle damage and weathering. Taking more than a few cues from my buddy Bill French, whose Imperial Fists are beautiful to behold.

So, two quick pics of WIP and a purity seal.

Also, the Veteran Sarge's tabard will be taken back to Beauty Base Zero and redone. That Ultima symbol was hastily slapped on there, as I was trying in vain to finish these for a Brotherhood of the Brush competition.


  1. Jesus, dude -- these are fantastic. Really. Textbook line-highlighting and recess shading. A couple questoins, if I may:

    1. are these matt-varnished or is it just the pictures?

    2. awesome purity seal -- what did you use that level of detail? Do you have a magic paintbrush somewhere?

    3. are you going all the way up to ice blue - or whatever the GW new equivillent is for the highlights?

  2. Thanks! You set the bar high, mister -- if I can create something even approaching an Ultramarines analog to your Imperial Fists, I'll call that a major milestone. So, to your questions:

    1. They aren't done yet, so it's just the paint that's flat. They will be sealed with Future, and then Dullcoted. I prefer a matte finish, but I like the softer effect that a clear coat added. Kind of diffuses the color.

    2. I use a Raphael 8404 size 0, pretty much for everything except basecoating. The trick is to use the right paint. I use Reaper Brown Liner, and I thin it with Anne Foerster's "gunk" mix recipe. You can see that recipe on my Pinterest page, here: http://pinterest.com/blakbuzzrd/go-to-mini-paints/

    3. I am highlighting up to a mix of Fenrisian Grey and Skull White. I'm considering taking the very highest of highlights up to Skull White, and then using a special mix wash (using Les Bursley's base recipe, also reproduced on my Pinterest page) to diffuse and saturate the power armor with a slightly purplish deep blue. Dunno yet.

  3. awesome. thanks. on the highlight color, i wouldnt go any lighter than you have - but its hard to tell from pictures. the wash sounds like great idea! cant wait to see more!

  4. Ah, the very crispest of line highlighting. You're making my Ultramarines (and my absurdly speed-painted Crimson Fists) hella jealous.

  5. I really like the detail on the red helmet. And writing on the scrolls, you'll go blind.