Friday, February 11, 2011

Sideways progress

Prepping the Thunderhead. Yes, I know it's a long time before I'll be ready to use the Thunderhead in actual play, but it's such a cool model that I want to paint it now.

Or maybe I just have a fear thing about finishing models, and like to spend my time prepping them instead. I mean, Stryker's been almost done for six months. The Lancer is about as close, and the Charger might need another two day's work at most. All the Ironclad needs is a quick light drybrush on the grass and a couple of arc markers.  I could have a Battlebox ready to use!

Except something holds me back. What?

Maybe it's some variation of the fear of commitment. If I call a model finished, then it's open season for others to criticize its flaws and rate me as a painter.

Or maybe it's that I'm restless in my planning, and I keep coming up with cool things I could do that would make it even better: all of which notably delay the finish date on the models.

Or maybe it's that I'm not fully satisfied with any aspect of what I've done, and I keep asking myself, "couldn't you have done that better? How might you improve it, now?".

Whatever the fear, rather than push through it I keep moving laterally, bringing multiple other models up to the same state of hand-wringing, almost-finished quality.

Like those damn Stormblades.

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