Monday, March 28, 2011

Priming, at least

God it's been a death march lately, what with work and family crises converging. The unfortunate reality is that my painting time has been eaten up. My work lately comes down to prepping my Arcane Tempest Gun Mages (the old ones, not the resculpts being released shortly), and boy do they need a lot of TLC. Them's some old molds, people. Pitted castings need filling, and even then the sculpts themselves are goofy. At least there's the Dude, and the Gun Mage Captain Adept. I have the latter, and in fact primed him just this evening.

And with the GMCA I also primed the Thunderhead, my converted Defender, and a villain for my upcoming encounter in The Skinsaw Murders. I'm GMing a campaign in Pathfinder, using their first standalone Adventure Path, Rise of the Runelords. Pretty cool!

On a sidenote, allow me to say that I simply adore Dupli-Color Sandable Auto Primer. In the pics I used White on the Thunderhead (hey, it's electric, not coal-powered), and Gray on the Defender. The nozzle on those paint cans allows for great control over the flow, it creates a fine dispersion in a vertical band, and it dries nice and neat. Although you can touch it nearly immediately, it's still a good idea to wait a full day (or at least overnight) to paint it. Sometimes I shorten the wait time by using a hair dryer to speed up the cure time. Laszlo Jakusovsky (of the Hot Lead DVDs) holds that hair drying a just-primed mini actually makes the primer harder and more durable.

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